Business Savings & CDs

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Business Savings Services
Hi-Fi Money
Market Account
Commercial Savings AccountCDs
Minimum Opening Deposit $1,000$50Various Levels
($100, $1,000, $5,000)
Minimum Daily Balance $1,000
Minimum Balance Fee $10.00 service charge if min. daily balance falls below $1,000 $1.00 fee per month if balance falls below $50 NA
Interest Rate* Variable*
Current Rates
Current Rates
Variety of interest* payment options, based on deposit amount
Current Rates
Interest Paid Tiered based on ending daily balanceQuarterlyQuarterly
In-Person and ATM Withdrawals per Month Unlimited Unlimited NA
Electronic Transfers and Payments to 3rd Party Limited to 6 per month Limited to 6 per month NA
Limited Transaction Fees $3.00 for each limited transaction over 6 $1.00 for each limited transaction over 6 NA
Account Statements MonthlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Online Banking YesYesYes
24 Hr. Bank by Phone YesYesYes
Dormant Accounts $5.00 fee per month (no activity for 2 years or more) if balance is less than $200 $5.00 fee per month (no activity for 2 years or more) if balance is less than $200NA
FDIC Insured YesYesYes

* Rates are subject to change. New rate sheet published every Thursday. Other Services and Fees may apply.


How To Open a New Savings Deposit Account

If you are interested in opening a new account with us please stop by and see any of our friendly customer service representatives at the Main Bank location, 202 S. Main, Perkins.

Initial Minimum Deposit Required: $50.00 minimum

Required Forms of ID:

  • a government issued photo ID
  • one additional form of ID, preferably your Social Security card
  • IRS correspondence showing your TIN and any paperwork that may have been filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

We look forward to meeting you!