Pesky debit card receipts

Online banking to the Rescue

Pesky debit card receipts

In your pocket. On the dash. Loose in your purse. Littering the counter.

Debit card receipts can be as pesky as flies and a tracking challenge.

Today's quick and simple alternative to check writing comes with the cost of tracking the transactions. But help is at your fingertips.

Online Banking Keeps it Simple

  • Transactions are often posted to your checking account in real time or within 2-3 days (depending on the merchant). No need to fret if you misplace or loose a receipt. (Note: A transaction may show as a Memo posting if it occurs after the bank's normal business hours or if actual posting is delayed.)
  • Match the receipt transaction number with the bank account posting.
  • Identifies the merchant but could show an affiliate name that actually processes the transaction. If showing as a memo-post, may only display the transaction number and not a merchant name.
  • Identifies the transaction posting date.
  • Shows both debits and credits, if merchandise was returned for a credit.
  • Categorize and download transactions to personal financial software to track spending. (fuel, groceries, clothing, etc.)
  • Shows any fees associated with ATM use.

Online banking is the single most convenient way to track debit card transactions!

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