Business Savings & CDs

Ask how to maximize your FDIC deposit insurance!

Hi-Fi Money
Market Account
Commercial Savings Account CDs
Minimum Opening Deposit $1,000 $50 Various Levels
($100, $1,000, $5,000)
Minimum Daily Balance $1,000
Minimum Balance Fee $10.00 service charge if min. daily balance falls below $1,000 $1.00 fee per month if balance falls below $50 NA
Interest Rate* Variable*
Current Rates
Current Rates
Variety of interest* payment options, based on deposit amount
Current Rates
Interest Paid Tiered based on ending daily balance Quarterly Quarterly
In-Person and ATM Withdrawals per Month Unlimited Unlimited NA
Electronic Transfers and Payments to 3rd Party Limited to 6 per month Limited to 6 per month NA
Limited Transaction Fees $3.00 for each limited transaction over 6 $1.00 for each limited transaction over 6 NA
Account Statements Monthly Quarterly NA
Online Banking Yes Yes Yes
24 Hr. Bank by Phone Yes Yes Yes
Dormant Accounts $5.00 fee per month (no activity for 1 years or more) if balance is less than $200 $5.00 fee per month (no activity for 1 years or more) if balance is less than $200 NA
FDIC Insured Yes Yes Yes

* Rates are subject to change. Other Services and Fees may apply.

How To Open a New Account

If you are interested in opening a new account with us please stop by and see any of our friendly customer service representatives at the Main Bank location at 202 S. Main, Perkins or the Chandler Branch location at 111 N Sandy Ln, Suite G, Chandler.

Initial Minimum Deposit Required: $100.00 minimum

Required Forms of ID:

  • a government issued photo ID
  • one additional form of ID, preferably your Social Security card
  • IRS correspondence showing your TIN and your organizing or coroprate documents

We look forward to meeting you!