Personal Lending

Fast and friendly processing and approval with installment plans to meet your needs. All loan decisions are made locally by our loan officers in both Perkins and Chandler locations.

We offer a full range of loans to meet your personal financial needs, all with competitive rates and flexible terms. Our loans range from Auto, RV and Boat Loans to Personal Loans you can use to buy furniture or appliances, consolidate bills or even travel. See a member of our lending staff today.

  • Vacation
  • Other personal needs

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Competitive rates and closing costs on all types of mortgages. We do not charge points to close our in-house mortgage loans, and these loans are never sold to other lenders! In addition to our in-house mortgage loans, we also offer secondary market loans with fixed rates and flexible payback terms.

  • New and existing homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Acreages
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Home improvement
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  • Automobiles – cars, trucks, SUVs
  • Recreational vehicles – boats, RVs, motorcycles
  • Competitive Rates!

Ask us about GAP insurance to protect your automotive interest in the event of a total loss.

Learn more about Payne County Bank's Rt. 66 Extended Automobile Warranty…Special Protection for Automobile Purchases
(Rt. 66 Extended Automobile Warranty)

  • Pays repair bills for covered mechanical failures
  • Zero deductible
  • Emergency roadside service
  • Almost any vehicle qualifies – ask us for a quote!
  • Less expensive than most dealer plans

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Learn how to bid or buy recovered, reposessed and other items from Payne County Bank

From time to time, Payne County Bank offers for sale recovered/repossessed items obtained from adverse loan situations.

Payne County Bank uses various methods of sale, including but not limited to: PCB car lot, online, and auctions.

By law, Payne County Bank must wait 10 days after date of recovery of collateral to allow debtor to make arrangements to pay and/or resume possession of the item(s). During this 10 day period, recovered items may be visible on our lot but cannot be sold to or inspected by prospective purchasers.

Current Items For Sale

There are currently no items for sale.

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